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20th June 2011

laurensa7:47am: Custom Garb For Pennsic!

Beautiful garb for Pennsic, custom made to your specifications, Lovely Italian gowns, comfy "Irish" dresses, and Tudor kirtles, all in your choice of colors.

My gowns are made to fit, comfortable, and easy to wear. Linen or cotton fabrics are pre-washed to cut down on shrinkage.

Men's and children's wear are also available upon request.



24th February 2011

fieryredhead3:07pm: FOR SALE - Lots of goodies!!
In order to fund new costumes I've been doing a house cleaning & loading pics & info onto an online 'Garage Sale'!

Click here to go to the Flickr set with all the items for sale!

You'll find full costumes, belly dance gear (including an AMAZING hand dyed tassel belt that is to DIE for), burlesque items, brand new high heels (several pairs), purses, pants, gowns & more! I'll also be uploading more items tonight (barbies, dance skirts, more costumes) and even more this weekend!

Please reply here with interest or feel free to PM me; not getting my Flickr emails for some reason.

Thanks for looking!!

11th October 2010

kedaee12:18am: Интернет Ярмарка TARG.com.ua Редкие и волшебные вещи
Pilgrim, Visitor to our Internet Fair TARG.com.ua , - walking up to our mall! This you will not find anywhere else. At our Fair has it all: from jewelry and handmade clothing, to rare and magical items overseas artisanal. Do you have any questions?
Or maybe you're the Master, who wants to sell the work done by their hands? Or do you merchant that brought a rare thing from overseas lands? Register, open up his shop and sell!

The largest Ukrainian fair things handmade invites!

Free registration: http://targ.com.ua/personal/register.php
Frequently asked questions about the Fair http://targ.com.ua/faq/

13th September 2010

fieryredhead11:38am: Black Velvet & Gold Brocade Elizabethan Ensemble FOR SALE!
This is a gown made for ROYALTY or for those that want to look like it! I purchased this in only March of this year but was in the process of losing weight; 60lbs later unfortunately for me it doesn't fit so it's time for a new home! Only worn twice it is in GREAT condition! Would be a show stopper at any Renn Faire or SCA event! This is a ONE OF A KIND gown; no others like it out there! Don't miss your chance to own this wonderful ensemble & put to shame all the 'cookie cutter costumes' at your event!

Made from very high quality black cotton velvet and elaborate gold brocade. Heavily embroidered & embellished. The sleeves (which are removable) are wrapped bands of velvet which were embroidered and then pearled within an inch of their life. The black & gold skirts are actually made into one; gold underskirt is a panel built into the black overskirt. It's really well made as it looks like it is tied into the black in such a way it gives the illusion even when the black flips back a little that it is an actual separate gold skirt without adding the bulk & weight of two full skirts. Also has an attached dainty pouch hanging off the back of the bodice made in matching velvet & embroidered in the same designs. Yes, the perfectly matching Elizabethan riding hat is included; it attaches to your head with a comb sewn onto the underside (which I added myself). Will include a hatbox to keep it safe! All of the lacings on the wrists, sleeves & back's ends are finished off with elegant gold aiglets; nothing is left undone on this amazing gown!

Hat, bodice, detachable sleeves, skit & chest 'chain' are included. Chemise, snood, earrings and hoop skirt not included. These are personal items of mine acquired long before I purchased this gown & therefore are not included in the ensemble.

Please remember the bodice is supposed to be TIGHT & worn as you would a corset as it is steel boned so you would not wear another corset beneath it! These measurements are of the actual garment; the bodice can be laced loosely & a modestly panel added to allow for larger sizes.
Bust 41
Waist on bodice 35
The waistband on the skirt is 39 inches with the slide on the gold set at about 38 with the black overskirt laced on top. Sounds complicated but works really well for adjusting to size.
Hips are freesized.

Made for someone about 5'6/5'7; I am 5'5 and had to hitch the skirt up pretty high under the bodice to get it to a good length for me but I made it work comfortably. If the skirt is a little too long you can have it shortened at the waist; you cannot have it hemmed at the bottom or else it would ruin the embroidery.

Bigger pic & other views behind the cut!Collapse )

I am asking only $1000 for this entire ensemble; I paid $1250 for it in February & even made improvements so you are getting a great deal! Shipping is $25 to anywhere in the US; international please contact me for a quote. PM me with any questions!

Please feel free to cross-post! Thanks!!

9th July 2009

nudybluee.jpg picture by nikoloveu

Please visit my store
Welcome wholesale buyers
(please ask me the wholesale price)
E-mail: babigirl830@hotmail.com

30th June 2009

taytheer4:22pm: for those who like Maille

Hand crafted Maille of Jewelry and other bits of fun.











Items for Sale at: Taytheer.Etsy.com
Photes of Everything: Inverted Arua on Flickr

29th June 2009

some_person1:15pm: I make jewelry that would be great for Renaissance fairs. I have a few examples below. Check out my shop at EmilysEscape.etsy.com

+3 under the cutCollapse )

21st June 2009


MeiMeiSpree #01 - Open

20/6/09 - 27/6/09

Spree might close earlier depending on response:)

20th June 2009

lion_bones11:16pm: Animal Tails for Sale
I have some red fox, kit fox and coyote tails which I am trying to sell. They usually go for $10-$15 each at Ren fairs, but the one that opens yearly in my area has moved to another town two hours north.

  Prices (shipping included):
  1 tail-  $8
  2 tails- $15
  4 tails- $25
  6 tails- $30
  10 rails- $40

I accept PayPal, money order or discreet cash. If you are interested in a purchase or have any questions, please message me and I will get back to you within a day.

A little history on the tails: All the tails were professionally tanned. They are from the US and Canada. My source is a business owned by two brothers that buy out taxidermy castoffs, as tails are usually considered scrap and sold for this reason.

11th June 2009

willowforrestal11:01am: New Items and News!

We have Moved to a new website. A lot of new items, as well as payment options.
Come and join us as we grow and make new friends!
We still carry handmade Items:
Incense, candales, jewelry, costuming, soap and bath products, herbal teas, and so much more!
We look forward in your visit!

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4th March 2009

la_rose_couture3:57pm: Regency and Renaissance gowns!
A couple of weeks ago, La Rose Couture had a shoot with Photography from Mars, models Sofia Williams and Ivona Kanta and MUA Gitta.

This is the result of a great collaboration!
(click on the pictures for bigger size)

More pictures here!!Collapse )</div>

27th October 2008

rhiannontherose7:47pm: Once again trying to sell Med/Ren books, functional steel gauntlets, and a hardwood longsword.
This is something of a re-(cross-)post, because while everything had interested takers, a lot of things did not follow-through to sale, though whether because of budgeting glitches or computer-communication glitches, I don't always know. In any case, my family has, thanks to medical debt, gotten to the point where we have to sell off some of our library, and there's a fair amount from our Med/Ren studies in and since college, that it's time to let go of. The books range in topic from studies of the study of history itelf, to the Medieval era, to assorted topics, places and ages within the Renaissance. Some books identify as being about the Middle Ages in general, though for some books that just means Medieval, and for some it means Medieval and Renaissance, both. There is period fiction, as well -- as in works of literature from the period, not modern works with that period as a theme.

For each book, you'll find the author/translator/editor, the ISBN #, the binding type, the condition, and my asking price reasoning. I ranked condition as follows: new, nearly-new, good, and decent. This is pretty comparable to what I've seen of Amazon's condition rankings of like new, like new, very good, and good. If you'd like a blurb, I can provide those, too.Collapse )


Please also see my posting of functional steel demi-gauntlets of Valentine Armoury make. Photos and measurements are available, in addition to the info. in my post.

Likewise, please see my posting of a PurpleHeart Armoury hickory longsword.


I apologize to those of you who have seen this before, but it really is all great stuff, and it might as well go to people who will love it as much as we have. For all inquiries and interest, you can leave a comment here in LJ, or e-mail me at <butterflyrosecreations@gmail.com>. If you leave a comment in LJ and I do not respond, please take that as a sign that I did not receive comment notification and haven't tracked down the post where you left the comment, and e-mail me to get my attention. Thank you kindly.

16th October 2008

rhiannontherose10:47am: For Sale: Functional Steel Demi-Gauntlets
The gauntlets cover the forearm, but only the top and sides of the hand, mitten-style, (leaving the underside open to your gloves). They are of Valentine Armoury make, from before they only sold their historical replicas to private collectors. They bear the company stamp. We were able to purchase them because they were discounted, as the then-apprentice's practice pair, so while functional, they are slightly messy (for example, an extra rivet-hole from where a punch wasn't lined up quite properly, the first time.) Nothing anyone is going to see from outside the tourney field, or likely notice unless looking closely, even from standing near. I have yet to try measuring to double-check the gage of the steel, but the company generally keeps to 16 or 18g for their gauntlets. While the gauntlets are unused because my husband is just built too small for them, the blackening of the inside isn't perfect -- it never was. I also confess that their time in storage has given them a small amount of very surface rust that needs to be cleaned off the outside, mostly under the overlap of the plates. I decided to take the photos before taking the time to find our sandpaper (we just moved, though they have been boxed since a move before), but tested the rust with my fingernail. The digicam we have at our disposal right now is not a particularly good one, and the lighting in the photos makes it look like there is a good deal more rust, in a good deal more places over the surface of the gauntlets, than there actually is. I can make further efforts of course, as necessary.

I've done some checking into the gauntlet market these days, and there isn't much out there that's made to withstand anything harsher than SCA larping with rattan, and a good deal of what claims to be is being sold by such reputable companies as "Bob's Weapon Cave", so...yeah. These are meant to not just look cool, but actually protect you..even from things harsher than rattan (so you know they'll be amazing finger/hand protection when you are sticking to larping weapons.) Whether you engage in swordplay professionally or just for fun...or steel gauntlets that look made for business just make you go "Ooooh" -- these would come in handy. They were originally going to be bought from us by one of the members of the Paragon Jousting Troupe, but he had to delay the purchase, so it's up for sale again, in case someone wants it before he can get it.

I took a bunch of photos, since there are plenty of angles to show, so if you're interested, e-mail me for the photos -- it makes more sense than cluttering the page here. If you're still interested, we'll go from there.

(x-posted where people are likely to be excited)

20th September 2008

rhiannontherose3:48pm: Med/Ren books for sale
We've gotten to the point where we have to sell off some of our library, and there's a fair amount from our Med/Ren studies in and since college, that it's time to let go of. The books range in topic from studies of the study of history itelf, to the Medieval era, to assorted topics, places and ages within the Renaissance. Some books identify as being about the Middle Ages in general, though for some books that just means Medieval, and for some it means Medieval and Renaissance, both. (If you'll forgive me, I'll be cross-posting the whole list in both Rennie and SCA communities, because there are many people with cross-contextual interest.) Before we post to Amazon, I thought I'd stick a book-list here. For more info. about any of them (blurb, HC/SC, condition, ISBN, pricing) just contact me.

These are not written in any particular order. I took down their info. in the order I pulled them off the piles we divied the books into when we decided what to sell.Collapse )

14th September 2008

la_rose_couture9:54am: This dres was worn in the La Rose Couture fashionshow and is now for sale!!!

Click on the picture, to go to the Ebay sale!


Thank you for looking!


3rd September 2008

rhiannontherose12:52pm: Selling a Purpleheart Armoury Longsword
I know that Faire season is over for many of you, but there are smaller faires to come even for most of those, unofficial Rennie and SCA events no doubt as well, cosplay, Hallowee'en, gift-giving occasions...

...so if you didn't get a chance to arm yourself (or someone else) at faire, but still want to...if peace-tied weapons policies only excite you just so much, because half the fun of carrying a weapon is getting to take it out and do something with it...or if you don't want to invest in (or trust someone with) steel, yet...

...how about buying a Purpleheart Armoury wooden longsword, off of us? Purpleheart "wasters" are a bit lighter (and we find them to be balanced more nicely) than Hollow Earth's, making them less wearying to carry around, or wield (and unless you're already ready for battle, or at least full-blast battle training, that's usually a good thing), while still being well-crafted from very solid and good quality hickory, and comperable in look and feel. They are the standard training weapon for several major Western Martial Arts societies in the Chicago area. These are not the budget wooden swords most faires have a booth selling (often with kids in mind), of cheap painted pine. In fact, we've stained the hilt and leather-wrapped the grip of one of them, and had it mistaken for a real sword at some no-weapons faires.

We actually own "wasters" from both Hollow Earth and PurpleHeart, but the one we're currently making ourselves sell is being chosen because we haven't customized it (see comment about staining and leather-wrapping) yet. Keainid purchased it for longsword class from the Chicago Swordplay Guild, but scheduling didn't work out, and while it was handled, it was never put into full play. Hollow Earth apparently wants $60 for their longswords these days, at least online if not at faire- price (we spent more than that when we purchased ours at faire, 6 years back). PurpleHeart Armoury asks $70 for their longswords in solid hickory, online. This one is in NEW condition, because we never had a chance to use it, but we will happily sand and oil it before handing it over, since it was in storage during out move. While it would be lovely if someone
local wanted to buy it for the $70, we're willing to lower it to $60, to match Hollow Earth's price, and because it's technically second-hand.

Or if you really want, we could spiff it up for you, for a bit extra. We have a few colors of woodstain, as well as a hardening wax finish in both silver steel and black enamel colors (more durable and nice-looking than just paint), and with a little checking into local resources first, we could no doubt leather-wrap the grip for you, too.

The website doesn't show the exact style of the longsword we have. The blade is as shown, with fuller, and the pommel and grip of the hilt are also as shown. The guard, however, comes down in a slight V on the underside, pointing to the tip of the blade.

Photos under here...Collapse )

Please contact me if curious or interested. Buy a fun toy you can get away with carrying around to play with, and help out a Rennie family at the same time!

(Cross-posted to where it might find someone to love it...)

2nd September 2008

willowforrestal4:50pm: Circlet of The Butterfly Blue
Circlet of The Butterfly Blue

Made from Blue Artist wire. Long black ribbon on the back for adjusted fit.

A pewter butterfly charm dangles in the center of this Blue woven circlet.

Custom made circlets are available upon request
Free shipping on all jewelry world wide.
Offer lasts until October 1st!
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18th August 2008

rhiannontherose8:21pm: Looking good at faire doesn't require paying faire prices
I am not promoting myself, at the moment, but a friend. Emily Nee is a Guild member working the Bristol Renaissance Faire, a cast-approved-quality seamstress, a dedicated Rennie-mom, and beyond that, a fabulous human being. So whether faire season is yet to come, in your area, or is nearly done, here's a suggestion -- instead of the mostly-inevitable rush of last-minute sewing to make sure the whole family is well garbed, consider commissioning Emily to make you some custom garb, mini-garb...or heck, one of those nifty period dolls even the BRF's Queen knows her for, now.

Emily made my son a set of mini-garb for him to wear this year (though it'll probably fit him for another year or two), and he was the poster child of the Sterling Renaissance Faire. We didn't get three feet through the gates before people started snapping photos, and we had patron, playtron and cast alike, coming up to compliment us on how fabulous he looked, and asking/suggesting that the three of us work there. Honestly, he wasn't just the best-dressed kid...he was better dressed than the majority of the adults, too.

Not only did he look great, but he was comfortable, and the garb survived what he put it through. He even kept the hat on! He NEVER keeps hats on!

Emily's contact info...Collapse )
wiccanslyr4:06pm: Dress for sale
It was suggest to me that I post this here:


Brand new, never worn 'Guinevere' Dress by Museum Replicas [discontinued dress] size XL?

This dress Picture under the cutCollapse )

Asking $75 (includes shipping) but would be willing to negotiate price if reasonable.

4th June 2008

willowforrestal12:58pm: Corset Auction and more!
We have a lot of new things going on at The Sacred Oak. We finished our website, We now have a shop through our MySpace page and we have our Etsy shop.
We are curently running a corset auction come visit it and let us know what you think!
This corset is up for auction!

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9th February 2008

rhiannontherose12:10pm: Friend selling two cast-approved Renaissance outfits!
I am posting on behalf of "Lady E", long-time den mother of the Friends of Faire of Bristol Renaissance Faire. She is thinning out her garb closet before a move, and has priced two gowns to sell. At one point both of these pieces of garb were Faire Approved for BRF cast costumes. Both are made to fit a woman's size 22-24, 5'6" tall, though the skirts could be shortened by hemming, or lengthened by adding a kick panel. Both bodices have boning built in. Playtrons may not need an actual corset to wear.

This is a great opportunity to garb yourself for a faire/fest, a masqued ball or other custumed event, or a wedding -- while helping out another member of our community.

Noble bodice, sleeves, over-skirt, under-skirt and matching riding hat...Collapse )

Middle Class bodice, sleeves, over-skirt and under-skirt...Collapse )

Please contact her via email at fettiplace@aol.com if interested, or with further inquiries.

6th February 2008

willowforrestal10:43am: A New Look at our Shop!
We Have updated our shop. New Pictures new items a new banner and some announcements! We are having 2 polls make sure to vote in them. The First one is on Our LJ page. The second is at our Blog http://thesacredoak.blogspot.com. We Love hearing from you!
Pictures and Links under Cut!Collapse )
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15th December 2007

laurensa11:06am: Gift Certificates!

Out of time to shop? No clue what to get your favorite Scadian or Rennie?

Give them a gift certificate to  A Faire Attire! http://www.afaireattire.com

Gict certificates are available in denominations from $25 and up, and are the perfect gift--they can be used on anything sold at A Faire Attire. They're the perfect color, the perfect material, and one size fits all!

Garb from A Faire Attire is always custom made, in the colors and fabrics of your choice, and always to your measurements.  Give a thoughtful gift that is sure to please, and one they will never forget!

Email info@afaireattire.com for more information.

20th October 2007

kokoro9:06pm: Baby dragon!
Selling Baby "Shoulder Dragon."

Click here for more information and pictures.Collapse )
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