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Med/Ren books for sale

We've gotten to the point where we have to sell off some of our library, and there's a fair amount from our Med/Ren studies in and since college, that it's time to let go of. The books range in topic from studies of the study of history itelf, to the Medieval era, to assorted topics, places and ages within the Renaissance. Some books identify as being about the Middle Ages in general, though for some books that just means Medieval, and for some it means Medieval and Renaissance, both. (If you'll forgive me, I'll be cross-posting the whole list in both Rennie and SCA communities, because there are many people with cross-contextual interest.) Before we post to Amazon, I thought I'd stick a book-list here. For more info. about any of them (blurb, HC/SC, condition, ISBN, pricing) just contact me.


Hildegard of Bingen -- A Visionary Life
by Sabina Flanagan

A Monk's Confession -- The Memoirs of Guibert of Nogent
trans. & fwd. by Paul J. Archambault

The Origins of Courtliness -- Civilizing Trends & The Formation of Courtly Ideals -- 939-1210
by C. Stephen Jaeger

Medieval Europe -- A Short Sourcebook -- 3rd Ed.
by C. Warren Hollister, Joe W. Leedom, Marc A. Meyer and David S. Spear

The Three Orders -- Feudal Society Imagined
by Georges Duby / trans. by Arthur Goldhammer / fwd. by Thomas N. Bisson

The Past Before Us -- Contemporary Historical Writing In The United States
ed. for the American Historical Association by Michael Kammen
fwd. by John Hope Franklin

Truth in History
by Oscar Handlin

Witchcraft & Magic in 16th and 17th Century Europe
by Geoffry Scarre

William Marshal -- The Flower of Chivalry
by Georges Duby

The Makings of the Middle Ages
by R.W. Southern

The Art of Courtly Love
by Andreas Capellanus

Giovanni and Lusanna -- Love & Marriage in Renaissance Florence
by Gene Brucker

Painting & Experience in 15th Century Italy -- 2nd Ed.
by Michael Baxandall

Feudal Society -- Vol. 1 -- The Growth of Ties of Dependence
Feudal Society -- Vol. 2 -- Social Classes and Political Organization
by Marc Bloch / trans. L. A. Manyon

Piers the Ploughman
by Langland / trans. J. F. Goodridge

The Song of Roland
trans. Dorothy L. Sayers

The Waning of the Middle Ages -- A Study of the Forms of Life, Thought and Art in France & the Netherlands in the Dawn of the Renaissance
by J. Huizinga

Ideas of History -- Vol. 1 -- Speculative Approaches to History
ed. Ronald H. Nash

Essays on ElizabethanDrama
by T. S. Eliot

As They Liked It -- A Study of Shakespeare's Moral Artistry
by Alfred Harbage

by F. L. Ganshof

The Chivalrous Society
by Georges Duby / trans. Cynthia Postan

Peasant Fires -- The Drummer of Niklashausen
by Richard Wunderli

The Play Called Corpus Christi
by V. A. Kolve

Old English Grammar -- Oxford 3rd Ed.
by Wright

The Golden Legend -- Readings on the Saints -- Vol. 1
by Jacobus deVoragine / trans. William Grancer Ryan

The Philosophy of History
by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

The Knight, The Lady and the Priest -- The Making of Modern Marriage in Medieval France
by Georges Duby

Medieval Popular Culture -- Problems of Belief and Perception
by Aron Garevich / trans. Janos M. Bak and Paul A. Hollingsworth

Einhard and Notker the Stammerer / Two Lives of Charlemagne
trans. and intro. by Lewis Thorpe

Eleanor of Aquitaine -- A Biography
by Marion Meade

Studies in Medieval & Renaissance Music
by Manfred F. Bukofzer

Chaucer -- Modern Essays in Criticism
ed. Edward Wagenknecht

Music in the Castle -- Troubadours, Books & Orators in Italian Courts of the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries
by F. Alberto Gallo / trans. Anna Herklotz

by Wolfram von Eschenbach

Medieval Europe -- A Short History -- 8th Ed.
by C. Warren Hollister

Medievalism and the Modernist Temper
ed. Howard Bloch and Stephen G. Nichols

Readings in Medieval History -- 2nd Ed.
ed. Patrick J. Geary

Also two books related to Gothic cathedrals, Poem of the Cid, two books dealing with Romanticism, and a bunch of Shakespeare (a number of single play/multiple play newer editions, as well as one of our old, hardbound "Complete Works"...and maybe more, as we go through more boxes...I just remember that these were set aside and boxed before, as ones to sell, but I haven't found them to list them yet.
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