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Once again trying to sell Med/Ren books, functional steel gauntlets, and a hardwood longsword.

This is something of a re-(cross-)post, because while everything had interested takers, a lot of things did not follow-through to sale, though whether because of budgeting glitches or computer-communication glitches, I don't always know. In any case, my family has, thanks to medical debt, gotten to the point where we have to sell off some of our library, and there's a fair amount from our Med/Ren studies in and since college, that it's time to let go of. The books range in topic from studies of the study of history itelf, to the Medieval era, to assorted topics, places and ages within the Renaissance. Some books identify as being about the Middle Ages in general, though for some books that just means Medieval, and for some it means Medieval and Renaissance, both. There is period fiction, as well -- as in works of literature from the period, not modern works with that period as a theme.

The Golden Legend -- Readings on the Saints -- Vol. 1
by Jacobus deVoragine / trans. William Grancer Ryan

(ISBN: 069100153-7) SC, in nearly new condition. Bears a $17.95 price sticker. Sells for $17 new, $13.70 used on I'm asking for $15.

Hildegard of Bingen -- A Visionary Life
by Sabina Flanagan

(ISBN: 0-7607-1361-8) HC w/ slipcover, in new condition. Sells for $30 or so from Barnes & Noble, more from the publisher. I'm hoping for $25.

A Monk's Confession -- The Memoirs of Guibert of Nogent
trans. & fwd. by Paul J. Archambault

(ISBN: 0-271-01482-2) SC, in new condition. Bears a $14.95 price tag. Sells for $20 new on I'm hoping for the $14.95.

The Play Called Corpus Christi
by V. A. Kolve

(ISBN: 0-8047-0278-0) SC, in nearly new condition. Bears a $18.95 price sticker. Sells for $145 used for the HC, $10 used for the SC on I'll be happy with $15.

York Mystery Plays -- A Selection in Modern Spelling
Ed. by Richard Beadle and Pamela King

(ISBN: 0-19-282437-6) SC, in nearly new condition -- tiny bit of cover wear at the edge of the spine, a few almost-wrinkles in the cover corner. Selling new from for $11.21, used from $3.99 on up. I'll be happy with $10.

Medieval Europe -- A Short Sourcebook -- 3rd Ed.
by C. Warren Hollister, Joe W. Leedom, Marc A. Meyer and David S. Spear

(ISBN: 0-07-029724-X) SC, in good condition. The latest edition sells for $64 new and $40 used, on I'm hoping for $25, since this is one edition back, though I don't expect much about the Medieval period has changed. ;-)

The Past Before Us -- Contemporary Historical Writing In The United States
ed. for the American Historical Association by Michael Kammen
fwd. by John Hope Franklin

(ISBN: 0-8014-9231-9) SC, in good condition. Goes for $3.45 used on I'll take $3.

Truth in History
by Oscar Handlin

(ISBN: 0-674-91026-5) SC, in good condition. Sells for $24.95 new and $16 used, on I'll take $10.

The Makings of the Middle Ages
by R.W. Southern

(ISBN: 0-300-00230-0) SC, in new condition. Sells for $17.10 new from I'm hoping for $15.

The Waning of the Middle Ages -- A Study of the Forms of Life, Thought and Art in France & the Netherlands in the Dawn of the Renaissance
by J. Huizinga

(ISBN: 0-385-09288-1) SC, in good condition. Bears a $3.95 cover price. Sells for $13 new from the publisher, $10 used on I'm asking for $5.

Ideas of History -- Vol. 1 -- Speculative Approaches to History
ed. Ronald H. Nash

(no ISBN) SC, in decent condition -- aging, and some underlines. $2.75 is the old cover price. I'll take $2.

by F. L. Ganshof

(ISBN: 0-06-131058-1) SC, in good condition. Sells for $1-30 on, used. I'd be happy with $15.

Medieval Popular Culture -- Problems of Belief and Perception
by Aron Garevich / trans. Janos M. Bak and Paul A. Hollingsworth

(ISBN: 0-521-38658-6) SC, in nearly new condition -- there are cover stickers it was sold with. I'm hoping for $20.

Medieval Europe -- A Short History -- 8th Ed.
by C. Warren Hollister

(ISBN: 0-07-029729-0) SC, in good condition. Bears a $24.75 used price sticker. The 10th edition sells new for $62, used for $34.50. The 9th edition sells for $17 used. I'm hoping for $10.

Medievalism and the Modernist Temper
ed. Howard Bloch and Stephen G. Nichols

(ISBN: 0-8018-5087-8) SC, in nearly new condition. Sells for $22 from ecampus. Elsewhere sells for $28-280, used....the one for $109 is only in good condition. Ours has the signature of André LeFevere on the front inside blank page (kinda cool if you're a geek in the field), with the corner neatly cut off right above it...that's why it's only nearly new. I'd be happy with $30, though.

Readings in Medieval History -- 2nd Ed.
ed. Patrick J. Geary

(ISBN: 1-55111-158-6) SC, in good condition. Has a $21.00 used price sticker. Sells for $35 new for the 3rd edition, $32 used. I'll take $15.

William Marshal -- The Flower of Chivalry
by Georges Duby

(ISBN: 0-394-75154-X) SC, in good condition. Bears a $6.95 price tag. Sells for $12.37 new, now. I'll take $5.

The Chivalrous Society
by Georges Duby / trans. Cynthia Postan

(ISBN: 0-520-04271-9) SC, in good condition. Sells for $14.99 on, used. I'm asking for $10.

The Song of Roland
trans. Dorothy L. Sayers

(no ISBN) SC, in good condition. A 95cent cover price -- HA! Sells for $10.40 new on I'll take $5.

by Wolfram von Eschenbach

(ISBN: 0-14-044399-1) SC, in good condition. Bears a $9.95 cover price. Sells for $18 new from publisher. I'd take $5.

Spain's Great Heroic Epic -- Poem of The Cid
Trans. by W.S. Merwin (his English Verse translation with the Spanish text on facing pages)

(no USBN) SC, in good condition -- would be nearly new, but for aging, as it was printed in '75. This version and edition goes used on for between $25 and $60, for comparable condition. I'd be happy with the $25.

Piers the Ploughman
by Langland / trans. J. F. Goodridge

(no ISBN) SC, in decent condition -- it's aged. Bears a $1.45 cover price. Sells for $11 new on, and $6-18 used. I'll take $4.

Peasant Fires -- The Drummer of Niklashausen
by Richard Wunderli

(ISBN: 0-253-36725-5) SC, in nearly new condition. Sells for $11.65 new on I'll take $10.

Einhard and Notker the Stammerer / Two Lives of Charlemagne
trans. and intro. by Lewis Thorpe

(ISBN: 0-14-044213-8) SC, in nearly new condition. Bears a $10.95 cover price. Sells for $5 used on I'd like $8.

Giovanni and Lusanna -- Love & Marriage in Renaissance Florence
by Gene Brucker

(ISBN: 0-520-06328-7) SC, in decent condition -- there's some highlighting, and a marred cover. Bears a price of $9.75. Sells for $16 new on I'll take $5, because of the condition.

The Knight, The Lady and the Priest -- The Making of Modern Marriage in Medieval France
by Georges Duby

(ISBN: 0-394-71331-1) SC, in decent condition -- there's some underlining. Has a $9.95 cover price. Sells for $27 new, $10-15ish used, on I'm asking for only $5.

Music in the Castle -- Troubadours, Books & Orators in Italian Courts of the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries
by F. Alberto Gallo / trans. Anna Herklotz

(ISBN: 0-226-27969-3) SC, in new condition. Sells for $24 new from I'd like $20.

Music in the Middle Ages -- With an introduction on Music in Ancient Times
by Gustave Reese

(no ISBN) HC, w/ slipcover, in nearly new condition, though the slipcover is only in decent condition -- the edges of the pages are a little speckled, but the inside text, musical score fragments and photo plates are pristine. There are two selling used on for $30, and neither is in as good condition. I'll take $30 anyway, since I can't find a new one selling, to balance price between.

The Age of The Cathedrals -- Art and Society, 980-1420
by Georges Duby

(ISBN: 0-226-16770-4) SC, in good condition -- the metallic cover is a bit worn, but the inside (text and photo plates) is nearly new, with only a few shadows of erased pencil underlining. Sells for $25 new from Amazon., around $10 for a used in comparable condition. I'll take the $10.

The Gothic Cathedral -- Origins of Gothic Architecture and the Medieval Concept of Order
by Otto von Simson

(ISBN: 0-691-01789-1) SC, in decent/good condition -- the cover is a tiny bit worn at the corners, it bears a previous owner's name and one coffee-drip stain, and a few light pencil brackets and underlines, but the text is still very easy to read, and the photo plates are like new. The used one from the same publishing year that I found on goes for about $12. I'd be happy with $10.

I also have a bunch of Bantam and one Folger edition of assorted Shakespeare plays, and possibly some other things we haven't unearthed yet from the boxes from when we moved.


Please also see my posting of functional steel demi-gauntlets of Valentine Armoury make. Photos and measurements are available, in addition to the info. in my post.

Likewise, please see my posting of a PurpleHeart Armoury hickory longsword.


I apologize to those of you who have seen this before, but it really is all great stuff, and it might as well go to people who will love it as much as we have. For all inquiries and interest, you can leave a comment here in LJ, or e-mail me at <>. If you leave a comment in LJ and I do not respond, please take that as a sign that I did not receive comment notification and haven't tracked down the post where you left the comment, and e-mail me to get my attention. Thank you kindly.
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