lion_bones (lion_bones) wrote in renaisancetrade,

Animal Tails for Sale

I have some red fox, kit fox and coyote tails which I am trying to sell. They usually go for $10-$15 each at Ren fairs, but the one that opens yearly in my area has moved to another town two hours north.

  Prices (shipping included):
  1 tail-  $8
  2 tails- $15
  4 tails- $25
  6 tails- $30
  10 rails- $40

I accept PayPal, money order or discreet cash. If you are interested in a purchase or have any questions, please message me and I will get back to you within a day.

A little history on the tails: All the tails were professionally tanned. They are from the US and Canada. My source is a business owned by two brothers that buy out taxidermy castoffs, as tails are usually considered scrap and sold for this reason.
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