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Black Velvet & Gold Brocade Elizabethan Ensemble FOR SALE!

This is a gown made for ROYALTY or for those that want to look like it! I purchased this in only March of this year but was in the process of losing weight; 60lbs later unfortunately for me it doesn't fit so it's time for a new home! Only worn twice it is in GREAT condition! Would be a show stopper at any Renn Faire or SCA event! This is a ONE OF A KIND gown; no others like it out there! Don't miss your chance to own this wonderful ensemble & put to shame all the 'cookie cutter costumes' at your event!

Made from very high quality black cotton velvet and elaborate gold brocade. Heavily embroidered & embellished. The sleeves (which are removable) are wrapped bands of velvet which were embroidered and then pearled within an inch of their life. The black & gold skirts are actually made into one; gold underskirt is a panel built into the black overskirt. It's really well made as it looks like it is tied into the black in such a way it gives the illusion even when the black flips back a little that it is an actual separate gold skirt without adding the bulk & weight of two full skirts. Also has an attached dainty pouch hanging off the back of the bodice made in matching velvet & embroidered in the same designs. Yes, the perfectly matching Elizabethan riding hat is included; it attaches to your head with a comb sewn onto the underside (which I added myself). Will include a hatbox to keep it safe! All of the lacings on the wrists, sleeves & back's ends are finished off with elegant gold aiglets; nothing is left undone on this amazing gown!

Hat, bodice, detachable sleeves, skit & chest 'chain' are included. Chemise, snood, earrings and hoop skirt not included. These are personal items of mine acquired long before I purchased this gown & therefore are not included in the ensemble.

Please remember the bodice is supposed to be TIGHT & worn as you would a corset as it is steel boned so you would not wear another corset beneath it! These measurements are of the actual garment; the bodice can be laced loosely & a modestly panel added to allow for larger sizes.
Bust 41
Waist on bodice 35
The waistband on the skirt is 39 inches with the slide on the gold set at about 38 with the black overskirt laced on top. Sounds complicated but works really well for adjusting to size.
Hips are freesized.

Made for someone about 5'6/5'7; I am 5'5 and had to hitch the skirt up pretty high under the bodice to get it to a good length for me but I made it work comfortably. If the skirt is a little too long you can have it shortened at the waist; you cannot have it hemmed at the bottom or else it would ruin the embroidery.

(Wow, I really hate the above pic but it shows off the amazing sleeves)

Back view

I am asking only $1000 for this entire ensemble; I paid $1250 for it in February & even made improvements so you are getting a great deal! Shipping is $25 to anywhere in the US; international please contact me for a quote. PM me with any questions!

Please feel free to cross-post! Thanks!!
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