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Baby dragon!

Selling Baby "Shoulder Dragon."

This is a cute baby dragon that perches on your shoulder. He is made of latex, is hollow, and has brown, black, and red on him with green plastic eyes. According to the manufacturer he's the last dragon that was made with plastic eyes - the rest of the dragons are now being produced with painted on eyes. Due to his being in storage for a long time, his snout is a bit smooshed on one side (shown in the little pictures on the right). He has never, ever been worn, and has never been outside.

He sits on your shoulder surprisingly well, and his tail wraps around your neck to keep him in place.

Click here for pictures. Sorry that they're dark - it's storming here. ^^

Asking $14. Shipping depends on where you live. If you live far away and shipping is expensive, chances are I'll lower the price of the dragon. 'Cuz I know shipping stinks. ;_;
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