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Buy, Sell, Trade Renaissance!
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This is the place for all your Renaissance needs! Please feel free to advertise your auctions or sales providing they are Renaissance related. We encourage both auctions and direct sales or trades of Renaissance related items. Also feel free to share where you get your Renaissance wear/items, recommendations of any online stores or festivals/faires that you found to be perticularly good.
We also encourage you to share ideas/questions/sharing of knowledge of Renaissance times, fashion, lifestyle. Pictures of you and your friends dressed in your olde world attire, explainations of Renaissance related items that you have made yourself. And all other such things.

Please keep these rules in mind...
- Use Lj-cut if you are posting 2 or more pictures, or if your post is excessively long.
- Be polite and respectful of other members opinions, tastes and posts.
- Only advertise each auction once please!
- If you do decide to do a direct sale or trade with another member we encourage you to get to know them first as although we encourage a trustworthy community here, we cannot be held responsable for any of our members actions.
- Keep posts Renaissance orientated.
- Invite your friends & Have Fun!